Exfoliation Is The First Step to Fight Stretch Marks!

Did you know that proper exfoliation is the first step in the fight against stretch marks during pregnancy? That’s why we created our specialist sugar scrubs which have been formulated as part of our 3 step stretch mark prevention plan. As with all Basq NYC products, our Skin Perfecting Sugar Scrubs are perfectly safe for use during and after pregnancy and work to support your skin during the big stretch!

How Exfoliation Helps Fight Stretch Marks 

1 – Gets rid of dry, surface layers so your stretch mark butters and oils can absorb better and deeper where skin needs them most.

2 – Triggers Collagen and Elastin rebuild each time you exfoliate for stronger, resilient skin that stretches and rebounds better.

3 – Jump-starts cellular turnover, exfoliation pushes damage up and out for smoother skin texture and more even color.

Don’t Just Use Any Scrub During Pregnancy 

Sugar is Better –  for pregnancy, sugar is rich in natural glycolic acids. These acids work to gently remove dry, surface skin triggering turnover and damage repair. This natural exfoliant effectively buffs without damaging or drying out skin. Plus sugar stimulates circulation to help with water retention common during pregnancy.

SOS Against SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is not recommended for use during pregnancy but found in most over the counter scrubs. SLS can irritate skin, cause eczema and redden skin, especially if used in high concentrations – exactly what pregnant skin does not need! Other ingredients to avoid during pregnancy? Synthetic Glycolic acid, Salicylic acids and Retinoids.

Keep the Good Stuff Coming – Skin transformation comes when you exfoliate and then hydrate with deep nourishment. Look for natural, omega rich oils and moisturizing butters listed as core ingredients in your scrub. Thirsty skin will pull in nutrients for beautiful skin tone and texture.

How to Safely Exfoliate Your Bump

1 – Use Sugar Scrub in the shower on warm, wet skin.

2 – Take a small scoop, gently rub into a lather on skin and rinse.

3 – Massage into stretch mark danger zones: belly, hips, thighs, lower back. Also target areas that may be experiencing excess weight to help break up fat deposits, relieve water retention and improve circulation.

4 – Rub the product in a circular motion for 30 seconds and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

5 – Breathe in deeply! Our fresh orange neroli aroma is perfectly blended to give a quick energy boost for mind and body.

6– Repeat every other day. 

Keep Up Your Exfoliation Routine – IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU STICK TO IT!

Remember stretch marks take a very long time form – that’s why early defence is so important. Exfoliation is your first step in stretch mark prevention.

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