5 Tips for Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

During pregnancy many view eating for two as a rite of passage that enables mums-to-be to over indulge on the not so healthy treats, when in fact it is more important than ever to develop and maintain a healthy mindset and eating patterns. The food and drink you consume on a daily basis will have a direct impact on your growing baby.  We’re not suggesting that you deprive yourself of treats or ignore your cravings, but just to be mindful of what you are eating and the importance of adopting healthy eating plan.

To help guide you we’ve put together our top 5 healthy eating tips for mums-to-be.


1. Eat the Rainbow

Try and incorporate as many colourful fruit and veg into your meals to ensure you and your baby get the spectrum of nutrients needed to grow and thrive.

2. Up the Protein

On average your body will require 10grams more protein per day to enable your baby to grow. You need to get this nutrient directly from a food source so make sure to include a high protein source in each meal. Sources include; poultry, beef, dairy, eggs, beans and lentils.

3. Fill up on Fibre

Who ever said pregnancy was glamorous? For many women constipation and haemorrhoids are part and parcel of the pregnancy journey. Eating fibre rich foods will help prevent constipation by keeping you regular and reduce the chances of haemorrhoids becoming an issue. Sources include; wholegrain cereals, breads and pastas, potatoes, broccoli, nuts and seeds.

4. Don’t forget the Fat

Sadly the word fat conjures up negative connotations. But there are such a thing as good fats and they are vital to your health and wellbeing. Your baby needs you to consume these fats to aid the development of the brain and central nervous system. Opt for healthy fats sources from avocados, salmon, nuts and olive oil.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water may be the last thing you want to do after all those trips to the loo, but staying hydrated is vital and you need to up your hydration game during pregnancy. Increasing your water intake will not only help prevent constipation but it will also help you beat the excessive tiredness.  If you find you can’t face another glass of water, trying drinking fresh juices or herbal teas.

Don’t Deny Your Cravings

If your cravings are bringing you down a sugar laden road, don’t deny yourself,  but do try and limit the amount of sweet treats. As with all things in life, a little bit of what you fancy can have a positive effect, but over indulgence will zap you of the energy you need to keep up with your changing body and hormone fluctuations.

Finally, don’t forget to take the time to congratulate yourself on the amazing job you are doing growing and nourishing your baby during the 9 month stretch!

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